Customer Buying Guide


Whole- $1300
(500 lb. hanging weight guarantee)
Half- $750
(250 lb. hanging weight guarantee)
Quarter- $450
(125 lb. hanging weight guarantee)

Whole- $350
(150 lb. hanging weight guarantee)
Half- $200
(75 lb. hanging weight guarantee)

Whole- $350
(40 lb. hanging weight guarantee)

CHICKEN: $4/lb

TURKEY: $4/lb

** Our minimum weight guarantee:
We sell our animals by the head rather than by the weight. This removes the guessing game from our side and yours. With that, we make a minimum weight guarantee that ensures you are getting good value for your order. If your order does not reach our minimum guaranteed weight, we will compensate you by the pound. (beef @ 4/lb, pork @ $2/lb, lamb @ $6/lb)

We will deliver your animal to any processor within an hour’s drive of the farm, free of charge. If you request a processor further than one hour away, there will be an added $50 fee, up to two hours away. If the processor you are requesting is further than 2 hours away, you will need to arrange transportation/delivery.
Processing fees are arranged between you and the processing facility. Downey Family Farm in no way deals with these fees. While some facilities list their fees online, most require a phone call, where they are happy to tell you about their rates.
Cut Sheets:
A cut sheet will need to be filled out for the processor with each order. You can usually do this online. The cut sheet informs the butcher on how you wish your order to be cut and packaged. You will normally have the option to add in things like link sausage, cured meats (hams and bacon) hamburger patties, etc. The facilities are normally happy to help walk you through the cut sheet if you have questions.

Pick Up:
After the order has been completed, the facility will contact you and let you know your order is ready. Unless otherwise arranged with Downey Family Farm, you will be responsible for retrieving your order from the facility.

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